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Alejandra Fernandez's work reflects her Mexican-American heritage, infusing each piece with vibrant color and sly humor. This body of work depicts the transformational relationships between plants and pollinators, and inspired by the vibrant diversity of Los Angeles.

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Warm Season Sowing: Milkweeds (Asclepias sp.)

The hot summer weather always signifies something meaningful to us pollinator-enthusiasts here at Theodore Payne Foundation — it’s prime time to sow native milkweeds! You may be looking for ways to bring new life to the garden as the heat rises and the blooms of our spring annuals fade. Now is the time to gather your milkweed seeds and start sowing! Photo of kotolo milkweed flowers in this banner by © lagardilla on iNaturalist.

Plant of the Month: California Goldenrod

While many CA natives are dormant during the summer time, this perennial evergreen herb steals the show with its vibrant yellow flower clusters blooming on slender dark green stalks. It attracts birds, butterflies, and moths making it an excellent addition to any pollinator garden. California goldenrod (Solidago velutina ssp. californica) is drought tolerant and easy to care for, as it can do well in a variety of soil types.

This plant spreads rapidly by root system, so it is recommended for sun to part-sun areas with ample space.  Once it is finished blooming at the end of the summer/fall, it can be deadheaded.