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California Native Plants

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Payne's #4: Blue & Lavender Mix

Make your garden pop this spring with our Blue & Lavender seed mix. Contains annual wildflowers in blue, purple & lavender, with an overall height 18". This is one of our historical seed mixes, originally designed by Theodore Payne, himself.

Plant of the Month: Chaparral Yucca

The chaparral yucca (Hesperoyucca whipplei) is one of the most iconic plants of the coastal sage scrub, chaparral, and oak woodland plant communities. With their leaves of silvery-gray or blue-green, this plant can appear almost luminous in certain lighting conditions. The flower stalk (or inflorescence) is towering, adorned with clusters of creamy-white flowers, providing a beautiful contrast to its surroundings.

The chaparral yucca has co-evolved with the California yucca moth, which pollinates the plant at night and in turn, the yucca provides a safe space for the moth to lay eggs. This is an example of obligate mutualism—a relationship in which one species cannot survive without the other.