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California Native Plants

Explore our diverse and ever-changing selection of California native plants.

Seed Mixes

Ethically sourced, expertly mixed, exclusive to TPF

Payne's #4: Blue & Lavender Mix

Make your garden pop this spring with our Blue & Lavender seed mix. Contains annual wildflowers in blue, purple & lavender, with an overall height 18". This is one of our historical seed mixes, originally designed by Theodore Payne, himself.

Plant of the Month: Sticky Monkeyflower

Sticky Monkeyflower (Diplacus longiflorus) is a buttery yellow-to-orange-flowered subshrub that draws attention to north facing slopes at this time of year and is a stunner in the garden, as well. This plant is happiest with some protection from the sun when planted inland, but can take all day sun closer to the coast.

Deadheading and light water can increase the bloom length, or you can let a mature plant go dormant and it will revive with fall showers. Prefers good drainage. Tip pinch young plants for denser growth. Cut back mature plants by a third to half in the fall, being careful not to cut into old wood.