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Plant of the Month: Erythranthe cardinalis

Plant of the month: Bouteloua gracilis

Bouteloua gracilis, or blue gramma grass is one of the shortest native grasses, perfect for garden borders, containers, meadows, and lawn alternatives. Blue Gramma is a warm-season grass that can tolerate moderate foot traffic, frost, heat and drought. This bunchgrass creates habitat for numerous insects, songbirds, and small animals. Their seeds are vigorous germinators and can be sown during the warm summer months.  Blue Gramma seed heads look like little eyebrows and bloom in late summer. They can be grown in containers and are complemented well with annual wildflowers.

Urban Superbloom seed mix

California is known for a spectacular diversity of wild flower species. In years following prolonged drought and high rainfall, long-dormant seeds awaken and a superbloom may occur.
A thriving ecology helps sustain life in urban areas, create your own superbloom at home this sowing season!