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California Native Plants

Explore our diverse and ever-changing selection of California native plants.

Seed Mixes

Ethically sourced, expertly mixed, exclusive to TPF

Payne's #4: Blue & Lavender Mix

Make your garden pop this spring with our Blue & Lavender seed mix. Contains annual wildflowers in blue, purple & lavender, with an overall height 18". This is one of our historical seed mixes, originally designed by Theodore Payne, himself.

Plant of the Month: Narrowleaf Milkweed

Perfect for planting in late spring to summer, this star of the season enjoys full sun and light water. Narrowleaf milkweed, or Asclepias fascicularis, is one of few CA natives that goes dormant in late fall to winter, taking on a twig-like appearance. This deciduous period signals monarch butterflies to stop laying their eggs. An important detail on why you should grow native milkweed in your garden.

Narrowleaf milkweed can be pruned down to the base when dormant. This plant spreads by root system over time. Do not treat with pesticides to avoid harming monarch eggs or other beneficial insects such as lady beetles, lacewings, and syrphid flies.