Payne's #6: Roadside Mix

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Payne's #6: Roadside Mix

Annual wildflowers in various shades of blue, lavender, purple, yellow and orange, presenting a charming color effect. Contains a large number of species. Overall height 18".

The mix includes: Eschscholzia californica (California Poppy)

     Gilia capitata (Globe Gilia)

     Gilia tricolor (Bird's eye Gilia)

     Layia platyglossa (Tidy Tips)

     Phacelia tanacetifolia (Lacy Phacelia)


Approximate sowing rates as follows:

   - Packet: 50 sq. ft.

   - Ounce: 200 sq. ft.

   - 1/4 Pound: 750 sq. ft. 

   - 1/2 Pound: 1500 sq. ft. 

   - 1 Pound: 3000 sq. ft. 


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