Adopt-an-Accession "Collection"


$300 “Collection” Level: helps support scouting and field collection

TPF’s Seed Program remains dedicated to local habitat conservation!  Through our Long Live LA Parks Collaborative Conservation Seed Bank and our role in TPF’s Local Source Initiative, we are focused on providing ethically, locally sourced plants and conserving their seeds in a long-term seed bank.  Each seed collection is carefully curated and given a unique accession number.

By choosing to Adopt-an-Accession, you become directly involved in TPF’s conservation work; your name will be a permanent part of TPF’s seed banking records! In addition, you will receive a native plant seed magnet, mention in our donor lists, and a free packet of seeds.

Through partnerships with public agencies, TPF seed conservation program exemplifies and promotes a network approach to protecting and preserving threatened local habitats and ensuring the longevity of our natural heritage. These local conservation efforts also connect and integrate communities: people, native plants, public agencies, and our shared habitat. As an informed and connected community, Southern Californians can strive together for a sustainable and resilient future. ­­­­­ Adopt-an-Accession today!

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